Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Family Buckner has moved.

If you care, and if you don't, no worries... you can find us here:

It really is our new family blog. Pinky Promise. 


Monday, October 4, 2010

the painted house

The house is finished...almost...on the outside
Today some guys were sanding and smoothing the bottom section in preps for whatever the heck that part takes to be finished.
You know I took a photo...but even for me...that is a YAWNFESTIVAL. 

But now, ladies and gents,
I present to you:

The Painted House

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

cabinets. that's all.

today's boring update.

kid's laundry

Adult's laundry

Basement bath

Her Cabinet

His Cabinet

Main Bath aka Boy's Bath

Powder Room Cabinet (LOVE)

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Range Hood

Bad Photo of Kitchen Window

Basement Kitchenette

to be continued...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

more house update y'all.

These particalur photos are from Wednesday, the 22nd of September 2010.
pretty sure about that.

Not a fun day in many respects. 
It was just the beginning of this cold I have that will not leave my sorry chest.
I've been mistaken for man about 5 times (at least) over the last few days.
Because of my voice, fools.
Why oh why any cold I get causes me to lose my voice is beyond me.

On Wednesday the cabinets began to be delivered.
Such excitement.
 Mostly what you see here is the range hood, upside down. Kinda looks like a key-less piano now that I really look. Now what good would a key-less piano be? 
(Also in this photo is the cabinet installer-I'm sure all these random workers love being in all my random photos).

This, folks, is the base of the cabinetry in the study/office.
That room needs a better name-neither studying or office-ing really goes on in there.
Internet Room?
Files of paid bill receipts, used checkbooks, online shopping confirmations, etc.-room?
nuff said.

 These are my shower tiles. 
The pretty glass ones are/were supposed to be clear and gray.
Obviously, we have what look to be BLUE glass tiles.
I don't understand-AND I can't do a dang thing about it. 
I think they're still purty.

Shower floor.
Photo included only to show the smaller tiles. 
That is not much of an explanation; but it's all I got.
MORE photos from the 22nd.
I met Matt the Builder and his wife at the house to choose the paint colors for the outside.
Funny story: I've been carrying around a swatch of a particular paint color I've been thinking would work well for so long that it is falling apart. SO......The first paint color she turns to from one of those HUGE paint sample books that only real decorators seem to carry around is that very color. Not really a funny story after all...but rather twilight zoneish. 
(The original "twilight", not the what I won't give my real opinion on "twilight" of this decade).

 So, the dark color on the left, (I'm too lazy to go find the real name right now), will be the main color of the body of the house. The lighter, (for the lighter colored painted sections), which I suspected it would, is too light. (Not to worry, a paint color to be the lighter has been selected. You know I'll be boring you with those details). 
 I painted little swatches on different sections of the house.
I'm smart like that.
(I was barely able to accomplish this little patch before the rains came).
More from the 22nd.
I know. YAWN. 

It was threatening rain from the moment I arrived at the house, and it did hold off for the time me, matt the builder, and matt the builder's wife, (she has a name...i'm just trying to be somewhat careful at protecting their identity. As if this blog is read by so very many people), were talking color and the time I spent picking up some sample paint to try out.
But then...wouldn't you know it... the skies opened up.

Keep in mind that I feel like blechhh this whole. Blechier by the minute. And I am trying to get a feel for the paint so's I can make my decision. I was hating on that rain big time.
Such inconsiderate weather, really.

 I beat a hasty retreat to the front porch where I leaned out where I could to get what paint I could on portions outside the porch area. 
In the process I was becoming wetter and wilder.
If anyone saw me doing what I was doing their suspicions were confirmed.
I AM crazy.
My last shot before I left for an appointment I had with my bleepity bleep Granite Guy. 
(I was there basically killing time, for 3 hours. I felt like I was stalking my own house).

Generic photo of granite.
More specific ones to follow in the next post. woot woot. 

I am so OCD about being on time.
AND Granite Guy had done tole me that I HAD to make my final decisions because they would be templating next week. 

I walk in, bedraggled and sick and ready to roll on the decision making.
Guess who isn't there? 
Guess who got caught in the rainstorm in SLC and couldn't make it to Lindon in time?
(Um. I drove in the rainstorm, doofus).
Okay, so he used his phone to call the office to say he was not gonna be there but didn't have the courtesy to call ME and fill me in on this fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
Guys, this guy is a jerk. I'm sorry. I don't say that about too many people. But he makes me nuts. But sad to say, w/out going into details, there just aren't  a lot of quality granite companies out there and all I care about in the end is getting the granite I want.
Srsly? I just admitted that ALL I care about is granite?
I'm so going to have to get my priorities straightened out. sigh.

Consarnit, I was mad as all get out. 
Maybe I'll tell the rest of the story of that experience later. Cuz it's kind of funny in a way. 
(Not funny then...only now).

SHEESH, I am totally wiped from writing this post. 

 I know my thinking is messed up, because I've been sick since Wed and busy as heck with other stuff-some trivial and actually some quite untrivial, (that is Kristen's story), and now it is Sunday and I'm taking the day off. I think it's because I need a down day and maybe I'm just as messed up as the Granite Guy by choosing Sunday, and therefore skipping church, to be that real rest day to get better...but it is what it is.

pee-ess. I have never in my life driven through so many terrifying rainstorms as I have this year. Global warming? I really wonder.

pee-ess number two.  I just caught onto my own version of the wise man built his house upon the rock story. More ironic is how very very rocky the soil is at the house site. 

I love irony.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

fun with paint samples

Some people say that you can have too many pictures of wes modeling with paint samples. I say those people are wrong. you may also notice the vast difference between each paint sample. or not. i certainly don't. He was a good sport. I think he may have enjoyed himself a little too much.


I love my front door. 
I can't wait to welcome y'all inside. welp, maybe not all y'all, but most of y'all that's for sure.