Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prom 2009

Springville High School Prom 2009
Prep Work. A lot of prep work. Some sweet girls!

Here she is! 
It was the BLUE dress, can you tell? 
Isn't she lovely?
Are you talking to your computer right now?

Dance. Twirl. Dance.

The knees of a hard core long boarder. 
Thank goodness for the long dress.

Just because I love this picture. 
Check out those earrings.

I took about 60 billion zillion pictures (you who have the delight of cross-referencing us on facebook are already aware of this) and it is super hard to pick which ones to post.
They are a cutie-patootie couple if I do say so myself.

Springville High School Promenade.
I can't even tell you beautiful this was. Springville High is a giant school with small town school spirit. The promenade and dance were held at the Provo Courthouse. It stopped snaining, Yes I said snaining, just in time for the unveiling of the Seniors. 
I am wiping a tear away right now...

This picture has Wes in it...and the sunset...and Jess and Frank look very interested in whatever that girl is saying. In fact I would say Wes looks enthralled.

Pictures on the lawn in front of the courthouse.
And finally Mom and Dad (his too) left the prommer's alone.
Yeah, I just invented the word prommers. 
These are seriously good kids. When I read and hear about some Proms and how they are all about drinking, etc. etc., my heart melts with gratefulness over what these kids are all about and how good they are.
Oh, to be 17 again.
Jess should really fill in here all about Prom, but I know they had a wonderful time. 
(Perhaps she will add an update)

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  1. She looks so gorgeous! Ahhhh to be young again. It ALMOST makes me want to be in High School again.....almost. Tell her I think she's beautiful!