Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa's 70th Wedding Anniversary

On January 2, 2010, Jesse Elwood Buckner [Grandpa] passed away, 
and on January 16th, 2010, Ada Barbara Wood Buckner [Grandma] also left this mortal existence. 
Grandma and Grandpa were incomplete without each other, 
so, while they are greatly missed, we are happy they are together again.

These photos are from their 70th Wedding Anniversary/Family Reunion held on July 4, 2010. 
Such a short time ago.
Shortly after this,  Grandpa found out that he was gravely ill 
and Grandma's previous condition worsened.

The actual party, where family and friends, (and party crashers), alike
gathered together in a building next to the river, was held on July 4th.
Tons of food, (thank you Patty, et al), and tons of laughter and joking around.
That night, in a raging lightening storm, the city of Carlsbad put on a fireworks show.
That was awfully nice of them to do this for all of us; especially Grandpa and Grandma.
Most of the pictures I have were taken from the table you will see; I guess we were too lazy to be bothered by walking around much. I wish we had many more pictures of extended family and of the massive table of food. yummmm. Pictures of food. 
If wishes were fishes....
I began to post about Grandpa and Grandma's funerals and remembered I had a few pictures from the reunion. I think that Grandpa looks especially happy about the whole affair! And I love that he is wearing his ubiquitous baseball cap even then. He was the only man I know who had all that gorgeous white hair and covered it with a cap!!

Grandma and Grandpa, entering the big celebration. Mike and Barbi look extra happy, don't you think?

Grandpa with 2 of his granddaughters; Kristen and Ami. He sees something to his left that caught his eye. Is that what he is smiling about?

Grandpa chatting it up (and he wasn't much of a chatterer) with ????. 
He was very gregarious that afternoon/evening.

Our family minus Jessie, (who was in Peru). 
Grandma and Grandpa sat through pictures with each family.
And that's a lot of sitting to do. 
(It was so confusing, everyone taking photos, so I don't know whose camera we are looking at. I know you don't care; it's just bugging me. WHERE are those pictures that someone was taking of everyone??)

Grandma and Grandpa. I just noticed that Grandpa had taken his cap off. Ha.
See what I told you about that hair? And Grandma was looking pretty spiffy as well.

What a fun night that was. I think it's pretty obvious that Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed it as well. I'm sure many of you who are reading this have your own pictures. And probably if I went back and checked your blogs from last summer you posted some. I will have to go back and see.
But, I posted these before a post about their funerals in their memory. For our memory.

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