Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter 2009 w/Wes

Pretty self explanatory stuff here: 1. the finished product, 2. the concentration of creativity, and 3. the annual stack the Easter baskets on your head tradition.
Guess who dyed Easter Eggs this year? The same two people who will be doing it until Wes grows out 
of whatever it is that makes a kid and a mom spend hours of prep for 5 minutes of fun. 
The pictures below deserve some explanation. Wes is kind of creative with his crafts. He wrote this letter at school. I wonder everyday what his teacher is thinking about our family...
Let me translate:
Okay, I don't know how to explain the top picture. You have to see it in person to appreciate it properly.
Here is the literal translation of Wes' letter to the Easter Bunny:
"Dear Easter bunny
Please bring me as many Harry Potter movies as you CAN. bring me a turtle. 
and do NOT bring airheads. I am not
allowed to eat them. DO NOT GO TO THE BATHROOM IN MY HOUSE!
Please enjoy. from: Wes!
(picture of carrot)
p.s I want monsters v.s aliens, too.

Fortunately, the Easter Bunny received this note in time to find as many Harry Potter movies as he could.
And he did not bring airheads, or a turtle.
But he did use the bathroom.
Don't tell Wes.

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  1. Ha ha ha! i love the don't go to the bathroom comment. That is so funny. And um, everytime I see Wes, he's like twice the size. It is so bizarre. Is that what it's like to be a mother? You turn around and your children are huge! PS. Tell Kristen congrats! We just got the annoucement in the mail!