Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pine Wood Derby

It's Pine Wood Derby Time...
Tuesday night.
A Serious Look at the Serious Line Up

Check out the Awesomeness of Wes' Car!

Okay, even I am impressed.

(I'm so glad there are people willing to do these things for our kids.)
Both of these shots are priceless, correct?

Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about!
(Technically I have no idea what I am talking about)
1st Place in 3 out of 4; 3rd Place Overall!!

1 Pinewood Derby Down, 3 (?) to go!!


  1. Hey unnamed sister of mine,
    This is your brother, I read your blog where you used your full name. I guess we'll see you on some tabloid now. I liked this blog, it takes me back to a time and place long ago when I did Pinewood Derby, One of my best memories. I think my car came in second during my first race and I was eliminated. I guess that wouldn't happen now,,,they didn't care about our self esteem back then. Well tell Wes his uncle said good job and have fun.
    Dexter (not my real name)

  2. We also are counting down how many of these dang cars we get to help Ethan with. Ethan also made 3rd place. We love 3rd place cause we don't have to option to go to Dreaded District!