Monday, November 2, 2009

Buckner Family Reunion Pt. 1

Buckner Family Reunion
July 4th Weekend, 2009
Carlsbad, New Mexico

The day after arriving in fair New Mexico, Kristen and I were with Ashley when we passed this place with the lovely sign in the winder. Looks like Hugh had had enough of that joint was ready to move on. Silly Hugh; thinking he could put up a sign like that and not have us drive around the parking lot 3 times before I was able to snag this shot through the bug incrusted windshield. And Hugh must have had a lot of stuff; it was going to take an entire month to get rid of it all. It was weird though; the next day it was a HUGE moving sale. Huh? What happened to poor Hugh?
Silly me, I thought this was so funny. Thanks Ash, for driving around in circles for me.

Kristen and Ami at the BFD the night of the BFD* Talent Show.

Jake and Keira the night of the BFD* Talent Show.

Kristen and Mike at the BFD* Talent Show. They look way happy. Too much punch?

Wes is apparently the only one in our nuclear family with a skosh of talent.
And photography ain't one of them talents.
This is a shot, (with a big head in the foreground), of Bonnie just having announced Wes.
Wes went on to play a Wes Original. He IS the only one, (in OUR family), talented enough to perform in a talent show. Wes spotted the dusty keyboard in the corner of the huge room and it was his idea to bring it to the 'stage'. Thank you to Uncle Kip, (there he is, with his back to the camera, finishing up set up), for making it happen. There were several musical numbers besides Wes; but props for Wes for finding the keyboard to begin with.

This picture is worth a thousand words. Yet it leaves me speechless.
Gotta love that Aiden and his droopy pants.
Gotta love Gina and that look.
No, really, Gina, LOVE YA!

Aww, Ami and I in our camper. Gotta love that Ami.

*Big Family Deal

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