Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Night Before Christmas 2009

T'was the night before Christmas
December 2009

The Family Buckner Christmas Eve PigFest.

Rolls, pie, candy and treats galore.

Mixing, stirring, prepping and more.

Things like...



oohing and


Tradition dictates the PigFest Order:
1. prep the food and table
2. drive about and admire the lights
3. commence PIGGING OUT...

and lastly... 4. opening that one special present.

Surprisingly it is always Jammies.
At least Wes still gets a thrill out of this part!

Talking, laughing, watching "The Nativity"; just soaking in the love.
All the kids still sleeping in the same room Christmas Eve.
I hope these are the things the kids will remember.


Wow, do I need to keep this blog up to date. I started to gather pictures since summer to post and it was just too much. Maybe I can just post random moments in between keeping things up to date. Maybe. :)

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