Sunday, December 21, 2008

Never Say No

Last night was the Christmas Ward Party.  The one party that you don't have to actually drag me to. Because for the last however many years I've had a child or children who would want to go, and for one reason. Not for the food or entertainment, or even the decorations for that matter, but for YOU KNOW WHO.  The big man in the red suit. You know who I'm talking about. 


So after the dinner, the dessert, 2 DVD's, primary children singing and YM/YW singing, it is FINALLY the time to line up to see Santa. Now, it seems to be an inherited trait within our family that we'd rather have our eyeballs poked out than to sit on Santa's lap. I've always wondered about those children (even when I was a child) who were actually comfortable sitting on a stranger's lap, even if it is Santa. But I digress. 

Wes was pretty excited about it at first, but the fear was starting to get the best of him. But I know Wes, and he WOULD regret it if he gave up because of his fear. So I grabbed his hand and we got back in that Santa line and even though he was the second to last child in line, and was getting more nervous by the second, he persevered. He made a vow to not sit on Santa's lap, he was only in it for the candy cane. I told him he should at least say hi to Santa, and as he did so, that wonderful Santa took Wes by the hand, had Wes stand next to him, put his arm around Wes and had their picture taken. What a sweet Santa...the best I've ever seen. We were able to get the candy cane Wes was after the whole time and Wes was feeling pretty good about himself.  As we walked away I congratulated Wes for being so brave and Wes said to me,"You don't say no to Santa." And he's right. Cause you ain't gettin' no candy cane if you are not polite to Santa! 

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