Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pig Fest

Every Christmas Eve it is our tradition to have a bunch of crackers, various cheeses and cheeseballs, crazy deli meats that we wouldn't buy any other time of year, and whatever treats we happen to have still around. Or maybe I make some treats just so we have some around. We just generally pig out. (Long time ago we also had cheese soup, but that just became just one more thing to cook, and I am tired of cooking by that point.)

So, I am watching/listening Good Things Utah (kind of embarrassed to admit that; I don't know why) and they are talking about some the show watcher's Christmas traditions. Well, someone wrote about their tradition (which consists of all of the SAME things as ours), but they gave it a name. Which had never occurred to me. They call it the "Christmas Eve Pig Fest". 

We now have a name for one of our Christmas Eve traditions. It is now officially "The Annual Family Buckner Christmas Eve Pig Out Fest". The goal or point is to eat nothing that is healthy for you. (I changed up the name to make it more personal.)

Here's hoping that this year is the best "The Annual Family Buckner Christmas Eve Pig Fest" ever. 


  1. We used to do this for Christmas Day. I have to admit that I have never cooked a big turkey meal on Christmas. Ever. I just never thought it was fair for one person to have to spend all day cooking in the kitchen while everybody else had fun, played games, visited family and friends, etc. So, we have always had deli meats and cheeses, chips and dips, etc. Have a fun Pig Fest! (And don't feel weird about watching Good Things Utah...I would watch it daily if I lived in Utah. I love that show and always watch it when I visit my daughter in Cedar City.)

  2. I am hoping for a post on New Years Eve's Egg Rolls also.

  3. Ours is usually New Year's Day, you know kind of the last chance before New Year's resolutions kick in. :) And I watch Good Things Utah, did you see the day that Norm MacDonald sort of guest hosted? It was hilarious. Glad to see you're blogging.