Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feasting at the Fest

Buckner Pig Fest 2008

 So, time for a little update on our end of year activities. Before the ultimate 
"New Year's Eve Egg Roll Fest".  I made such a big deal about our Christmas Eve Pig Fests of years past I thought this year deserved some special attention. And now that we have a blog I can give it the special attention it deserves. Gotta love technology. (Just a note...these pic's aren't the best...the candle light just wasn't enough for my camera or picture taking abilities.)
 Kristen and Wes and me (hiding behind the chair; right where I belong).
Jake and Jessie looking happy. Or perhaps delighted?
This is a fine example of the delicious fare for our fest and a fine example of Jessie eating it.
Pass the cheese ball and meat. NOW.
Just a shot to show the beautiful display of culinary delights. We had crackers of all shapes and sizes, cheese balls and cheese slices, ( including a new kind we tried, "Boursin" & oh my it is good), crazy flavored deli meat, sprite mixed with juice (tasty), (and as I write this I am embarrassed at the excess), and shrimp. 

So, yeah, I am pretty sure we succeeded at making this an epic Pig Fest.
I love family traditions.


  1. HEELLLLLOOO!!!!! come check out my blog! I'm so glad you finally joined the team! lol Happy New Year! Just so you now i really craved egg rolls night before last....mmmmmmmm hahaha

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! I love the holidays because of all the food and the pig fest! You need to come visit sometime!
    Love ya!