Saturday, January 24, 2009


After a week of being Wes being sick, I decided he needed to go to the Doctor. I could have saved myself (us) $25, since as it turns out Wes has only a "small" ear infection and something called  an adenoidal viral infection. Okay, I miss the days when they handed out antibiotics like candy. Yeah, I get why they don't, but still... If he's not better by Monday, then we need to take him back in; another $25. What kind of racket are they running? Give me the dang amoxicillin!  Okay me, calm down...I guess they know what they are talking about. 

And the Cheerios? I am showing them because I used the age old parental ploy to "get your child to the Dr. by bribery" and promised Wes a prize. I thought that oughta work; we'd be picking up a prescription anyway, right? But no prescription does NOT mean no prize. We had to go to Walmart (arghhh), and as anybody knows, if you are already at the Walmart you might as well pick a $100 of groceries as well, no matter how much you hate it there. I don't know how to make a long story short to explain why Wes didn't even get a prize; other than to say that he has inherited my cursed inability to make a decision. 

As I threw the box of Cheerios into our cart I heard Wes's one and only comment on our groceries, "You are buying THOSE? They are not good. They are not Honey Nut Cheerios. Did you know you have to put sugar on them?" Later that night he also clarified his feelings by telling me that they were "most unflavorsome".  I'm not making him eat them; he gets Froot Loops. They are flavorsome. I don't why he cares so much about the Cheerios. I guess unflavorsomeness is a big deal to him.

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