Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jake is the picture of excitement...
Wes with an I-Pod, can it be?
this is before the explosion of wrapping paper...
The Buckner children trademark pose.
Santa completed his task well.

     What a great Christmas 2009 was. We haven't actually celebrated Christmas Day at our house for a while. Last year we were in HAWAII (I can hardly believe it's been over a year ;((  ), and many times in years gone by we have celebrated in Idaho. We LOVE being at S & R's house and miss those fun times. It would take roughly 212 hours to open presents when the whole gang would gather in Idaho (you know who I am talking about).  This year was much quieter and quicker. It did mean though that I was in charge of the entire breakfast is just so hard. 

    I would say a good time was had by all. We're a lucky family.
    Coming up soon in a future post: "The Annual New Year's Eve Egg Roll Fest"


  1. Wow. You're really on top of it. Already celebrating Christmas 2009.

  2. I loved those Christmases!! Totally chaos and can we talk about how long it took to finally get through ALL of the presents?! But it was great! I love our Christmases now too, except for being in charge of getting everything ready for breakfast!! Cinnamon Rolls and Egg and Sausage Souffle....YUM!!!!
    Love ya-