Thursday, January 22, 2009

My name is Mary, and I am an addict.

I made a huge decision today. I will be starting a twelve-step drug addiction program. It's been obvious to my family that I needed to do this long ago but I have been living in denial. I can go days, sometimes even weeks (though that is rare) without a "fix", but I am too weak, and I succumb to the relentless urge. I gotta have 'em and I gotta have them NOW. I always tell myself that this time I will stop at one, maybe two, maybe twenty. I am fooling myself though.  I realize now that it's not just me that I am hurting; my whole family suffers. Most of the time they don't even get one cookie. (Which is hard on everyone except Kristen.) It is tough to admit this, but it's time. Time to admit that I am a chocolate chip cookie addict.

I will start the drug addiction program as soon as I have just one or two more cookies. I promise. 


  1. I was just thinking I needed a cookie fix.

  2. Mary, while it seems you may have a "problem" really is your family that has a "problem." If they aren't fast enough to get one it's their fault. Remember what grandma buckner would say? "its the quick and the hungry that gets to eat." We don't always get what we want in life and that includes a cookie or two or ten. lol oh and its a cool cloudy 75 today! and how come Jake doesn't have a school under his name? Is he done or a mall cop?

  3. Mary, I feel you, especially if those cookies are the ones from the family cookbook put together 12 years ago, because that is my all-time favorite choc chip cookie recipe and frankly all others fall short. And to be perfectly honest, I am not ready to enter a 12-step program (or any amount of steps) to get over it. I LOVE THEM. So....if you want to fall off the wagon, give me a ring. I'll have them warm and waiting!