Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh how the years go by

Seems just like yesterday:

Yet now...                                                      

What can I say? The years truly do fly by. If life is one eternal circle; will we circle back to the future? While I wouldn't want to relive pregnancy, I do envision living the best moments over. Wrapping them tight in their blankets, holding them close and kissing them over and over. The funny things they said that often made more sense than reality.  First steps, first words, first days of school,  I think I wished a lot their growing up years away and I want to grab it all back now and really savor it.  18 years is not long enough for each one of them to be all mine.  All I can hope for is that they will all want to move back in when they are finished with school. It is all part of my diabolical plan. Gosh, I love them.

(family photo by Lyndi Bone Photography; check out the link over there, on the right)
ps. will someone please tell me why this is underlined and how to get rid of it?


  1. Cute. Cute. I was just noticing the pictures on your sidebar. Those are awesome.

  2. i'm learning that same concept. it made me tear up a little reading your blog. i really miss the baby stage. this is a fun one too but i'm ready to drowned him if he tells me NO one more time! or says he loves Mriah( sean for Mariah, gina's daughter)! he won't even say it to me! you do have a good looking family!