Monday, January 5, 2009

Dog Treat

     Today will be a post about the dog. I could write a book actually about this dog. Not a cute and touching one so I probably won't write it, but just know that I could.

     So Hunter was outside today barking his fool head off, I don't know what he barks at. I don't think he knows what he barks at. But he's going to town with the barking thing and I make the decision to let him for a minute to see if he'll calm down. (I don't know why I do these things, but I do.) He immediately makes a bee-line for his crate which is not his usual behavior so I am wary from the start. His usual process is to sniff around every corner, nook and cranny and then maybe settle down. So when he heads straight for the crate I already know something's up. 

    I notice that he has something in his mouth, big surprise I know, but I can't tell what it is and since it could be anything from a half-eaten toy to a precious heirloom or to my greatest fear; chocolate, I've got to check it out. Whatever it is, he is NOT going to be giving it up easy. We begin our precious dance of chasing around the table to around the chair to around and around and around. (Good dog training right there.) But I outsmart him and kick the table up against the couch and he is trapped! I win! Now the fun really begins. Because when I stick my fingers into his mouth to grab the mystery item (this reminds me of doing the exact same thing with my children, except then I was freaking out about them choking not about whether they were destroying someone's shoes) and I am totally and completely and sincerely grossed out. What I pull out, and bear in mind I don't even know what it is at first, is a slimy and rather elongated RAW PIECE OF STEAK!  Now, I have a fairly strong gag reflex but this is almost too much. I gag just like I would if someone started upchucking next to me. 

So Hunter had a short lived reprieve in the house, I washed my hands like I was going into surgery, he resumed his barking outside (probably because his hunk of meat was stolen from him), and I will be talking to Kevin about hiding meat in a dog's crate. 

p.s. Hunter is the one next to the cute kid in the blue sweatshirt.

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  1. Mary, I looooove reading about your family! Thanks so much for posting a blog. I know you did it solely for my enjoyment, and I thank you for your thoughtfulness. It sure makes me miss you all the more. Dang it.