Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Apples and Penguins and a long story.

Yes. That is a pretty seriously weird picture. (It was taken by a seriously weird person.) The picture is to serve a two-pronged purpose. #1, to get you to read this post. And #2, it leads into a funny story. 
Funny story later.

You may be able to tell that I have been figuring some stuff out with this blog thing. I have added some new "gadgets" as they are known. If you are on the list and don't want to be, let me know. If you know someone who might want to be on the list, let me know. I want the list to be very long. I would love comments too, especially if they are nice. I will take constructive criticism if it is given in a loving manner. That applies always.

It is Wednesday, but it feels like Friday. Or perhaps Wednesday of next week. 

It all began Sunday with my eyes hurting. They hurt often because it is so dry here; but they were hurting in an unusual way. All sting-y and burny like. By Monday they were even more burny feeling for me, AND I also noticed that Wes' eyes were all bloodshot. Which usually means too much time playing video games, so I really didn't pay too much attention to that. BUT, he was in such a foul mood, not just normal kid bad mood. He was simply unbearable at times. 

But, Monday just wasn't a good day for any of us. Kevin and I realized last week that we had not registered the truck in November. We had had it inspected, just did not register it online. Miscommunication. We know from personal experience that you can get a ticket for that (let that be a warning to all of you), so after finding out it was too late to register it with the emissions info we had taken care of in November ($45), we had to have the emissions tested again.  Another $45; what a racket. It failed. Of course. Took it be fixed, part has to be ordered, ($65), take back to be fixed (on Monday), pick up and take back to be re-checked AGAIN. 

In between Jessie and I running back and forth with the truck (it takes 2 people to do all that car switching, you know what I mean) and dragging foul mood Wes with us while he tells us in no uncertain terms how evil we are, I am attempting to make a poster for Wes for his "star of the week" turn at school. (Whoever came up with "star of the week" should really reexamine the necessity of this tradition.) This making of the poster causes me untold grief and frustration. Plus my eyes hurt this entire time. Problems with flash drives, printers, computers in general, blahblahblah. Pure frustration. 

About 4 pm or so Jessie and I drove to Jiffy Lube to pick up the truck in what should have been the final chapter before finally registering it. We debated for a moment on who would drive the truck and who would drive my car. Jess took the truck; me, my car. She left before me, and I was following in case she was stopped by the police. (Because of the non-registration, not because she is routinely stopped by the police.) It could not have been 20 seconds later that I notice the traffic going all weird because there is a wreck ahead of me and then about 5 seconds for me to figure out it was Jessie that was in the wreck. I missed seeing the actual accident by about 2 1/ 2 seconds. (I was really watching the second hand on my watch.) I consider not actually seeing the accident a blessing. She was standing next to the truck so I knew she was okay; but the truck and car involved were not. The car pulled out in front of her as she was driving straight down the road and there was no way she could stop. She's okay, the other driver whose fault it was is okay. The truck not so much. May be totaled, but Kevin has high hopes that it will not. Nice guy who saw the accident called the police before I even stopped, another man stopped and offered to do CPR (Jessie was standing next to me; I'm not sure on whom he wanted to perform CPR); we called Kevin who fortunately works about a mile from there; the police FINALLY show up (aren't they supposed to be able to drive fast?) and did I mention it was FREEZING. 

Do you like how dramatic I am making this? When your kid is in an accident it is dramatic. And you mix feeling like crap, stupid star of the week poster, and Wes being a monster because he is getting sick all together you get drama. It is Wednesday and I have been staying home with a sick Wes. I feel like crap. I have to listen to star wars playing in the background constantly. And Hunter barks at his own poo. Kevin leaves for a week tomorrow. I deserve to feel dramatic. Or maybe pathetic.

Oh yeah, the funny picture with the funny story. When I asked Wes what he wanted for his birthday he said the usual Legos and Wii things which I expected, but then he had a couple of other requests. 

A talking apple and a live penguin. Look at the picture as more of a dramatic portrayal and not as an actual representation. Because that is one more thing I can't figure out on this whole blog thing. How to post pictures other than my own. Maybe you could help me out with that. If anybody would like to see Wes' poster, let me know, it never made it to school.

*Very Important P.S.* 
We are very fortunate that Jessie was not harmed in the accident. If you had seen the cars you would be surprised that no one was hurt. Jessie held herself very well during the entire time and I was really very proud of her. We all feel so blessed that it turned out that way it did. With my pessimistic way of expressing myself it may seem like am not grateful for our blessings. Tis not so. I just have a hard time with expressing revealing emotions. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. Glad to hear Jessi is fine. I know how that goes I have ended up totalling four cars in my life, all of which were not my fault. O as for Wes's birthday I can't do a pengiun, but here is a talking apple.