Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snowy January in Utah

Our house, before Christmas, with Daryl in front. You would have to ask Jessie about Daryl.

It had been snowing off and on for what seemed like days and the sun popped out and I made Kevin run out and take these pic's. It is can be oh so glorious before the inversion rears up it's ugly head.
A shot of Rock Star Jake because he doesn't seem to have much presence on our blog.
Is it by choice? I don't know. (Notice the fine interior decorating if you haven't already.)
Weird out of sequence big snowstorm shot.
and 3.
We all headed up to Soldier Hollow to sled. Took us about a day and a half to gather stuff like snow pants, gloves, hats, etc. for everyone. We were quite excited. We don't really have that many chances for a family activity. But we learned one thing that day. You have to have reservations to sled at S.H.; so home we went and it became a half family activity. 

You really can't tell but in the above shots but it was really snowing. Really.
Here we have driveway sledding. Who knew how much fun sledding in your own driveway could be? You don't need to make reservations either. So, come over.

I was gazing out the kitchen window about 4 p.m., probably dreaming of not doing dishes, when I noticed the sky. I could not capture the amazingness of it but I tried.

Officially longest post ever. I need to stop dreaming of not doing dishes because they are staring at me right now, mocking me. sigh...

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  1. Hey Mary it was 71 today with a nice gentle breeze and i almost put on a light sweater.....mmmmmmmmm these winters are quite delightful! I love you guys! You're my favoritest aunt!