Thursday, December 18, 2008

What not to do.

Wes had his 2nd grade Christmas Program on Tuesday night. Well, it's not just his program, but to us (his family) it basically is HIS program. He, along with all of the other 2nd graders, had been practicing and working on this for quite a few weeks. I was somewhat taken aback when he brought home his assignment...he was to be an angel. Now, for some reason when I think angel I think girl. But when you get right down to it, are angels really "girly"? I don't think that it says one way or another whether an angel is a girl or a boy in the scriptures. Well, all of this could be for another post. Back to me thinking that he was going be playing a girly angel. Fortunately through some connections I was able to put together a costume rather easily.  A white sheet with a hole cut out for his head to go through, and some glittery gold cord for a tie. It was neither girly nor boyly.  In fact I think it was just right. Okay, costume ready to go. And since Wes can memorize lines super quickly there wasn't any worry about that. So what do I have left to do? Apparently nothing. Or so I thought. 

Fast forward to Tuesday night. A nice freezing cold winter night. Everyone is set and ready to go. The whole family is actually going to be there, making this even more of an event. I'm the mom, I'm thrilled that we are all there together. And then it hits me and my stomach plummets to the floor; the camera battery is DEAD. But wait, we have the new little video camera. Thank goodness for that.  BUT NO, it is dead too. I can't even say how sad this makes me; and how I don't want to act like it is a big deal.  Especially for Wes' sake. 

He was so very cute; played his so part so very well. I could not take my eyes off of him, my heart was bursting with glee to see him there being so happy himself.  And I am ignoring that mean little voice reminding me about the camera issue the whole time.

So, here is our one picture of him. AFTER he had taken his costume off. He's here with his teacher, Miss Meldrum. And he is still looks like an awesome angel.

p.s. This picture was taken by Kevin, with his blackberry. Which is when I found out that he could take pictures with the blackberry. sigh.

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