Monday, March 9, 2009

Free Food

This time I am so going to write about my most smartest child, Kristen. Sorry other children, but as far as I know, none of you have thus far achieved such brilliancy. 

Kristen knows where to get free food. Not the kind of food you get from "borrowing" from your roommates.  Or from patting your pockets thereby signaling that you have "forgotten" your wallet and "You'll pay next time" when out to eat. No, Kristen has used her cunning and strategic abilities so wisely that she makes getting free food an almost guiltless endeavor. 

She goes to the Episcopalian church in Cedar City where every Thursday night they serve FREE food to ANYONE. Her favorites are Mac & Cheese and French Fries. She is a college student, so she doesn't have real high standards as far as food goes. I almost said she doesn't have high standards without mentioning food, and that would be wrong. Kristen has very high standards and a unique quality not found in many children. Any children. She is frugal and is not picky about her free food. 


  1. Go Kristen Go!!!! You make me proud. I am sure your uncle Jimmy would approve also.

  2. That's awesome. I wish I had known about that when I lived there. :)