Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making Sushi

Jessie had a Mutual Activity where she learned to make Sushi. After that she was determined that she was going to make it at home. I say, if anybody wants to volunteer to cook in my house, go for it. Sushi making ingredients are apparently too exotic for our local markets so she had to do some shopping around to get everything she needed.  
Here are some pictures of the
occasion. I had them all uploaded and realized the one where she is seeding the cucumber is sideways, so turn your head to look at that one. Like I needed to tell you that. She did an absolutely fabulous job. I quit putting that much effort into cooking a long time ago. The sushi was incredibly tasty, and even Wes gave it a chance. He only ate one bite, but at least he tried.  
He really has no 
idea of the yummy food he misses out on .

I haven't mastered this whole bloggee thing and the art of arranging the pictures cleverly; but I think you get the gist of it. Pictures of Wes just disappeared and these pic's are out of order. arghhh

I can't wait for the next recipe night at Mutual. 


  1. Learning to make sushi is on my "Things to learn before I die" List. Someday you guys will have to teach me.

  2. I think Sean has a little spice he would like you add to your sushi....he picked it himself! BY THE WAY! Are you saying that Sean looks more like me because he has a finger in his nose? That if he didn't have a finger in his nose he would look like travis? i get it....

  3. *to add ...sometimes i thinks fast than my fingers...