Sunday, March 15, 2009

jake is special

If you noticed the last two posts featured the 2 daughters of the family and a unique talent they possess. 

If you ask Jake if there is anything unusual or unique about him that perhaps no one knows, he draws a blank. Especially if you are trying to get this information from him in a devious manner while texting:

"jake tell me something odd about you"
"just do what I said"
"just do it"
"what are you talking about?"
"something that makes you special"
 (Not that I don't think that Jake is special; of course I do. But I am communicating in text and I am trying to be efficient in my wordage.)
"but why?"

At this point I am done with the texting. Apparently communicating such a request is too difficult for someone with my insufficient texting ability. So I try regular phone talk and end up with pretty much the same results. 

"But, WHY?"

This Jake, is WHY.  Although I can think of a thousand unique and wonderful things about you, (which I am sure I will write about at some point), I choose to take you at your word and tell the world just what it is that you think makes you special. 

Jake does not like fried chicken or orange soda. 

After some discussion amongst our family we discovered this: Wes is the only one who actually does like fried chicken or orange soda. I am confident he will grow out of such nonsense. And Jake, next time you had better take me srsly when I text 2 U.  ;)


  1. Wow orange soda!?! Well everyone has different taste.

    I showed Amber the photos of Jessie dancing and she was just blown away and cannot wait to meet her. You see Amber LOVES dance and has been dancing for a few years. ( jazz, tap, and her favorite is ballet.) When she grow up she tells my she wants to be a dancer. You would never guess this because she is very shy but when she dances she is a different Amber. She also said it must have been very hard for Jessie to stop dancing but she still thinks that she is cool.

  2. Mary,
    I love fried chicken. I wish Lynne would feed me fried chicken. I also like orange soda but I rarely drink it. I'm much more of a cokeaholic. More later