Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What you do when you are bored.

Wes has been home all week because of some dumb kid at school...but you can read about that somewhere else (hmmmm, I wonder where? what a shameless plug for my blog ). Here is an example of how creative you can become when you are bored. (I've spent a lot of time on the internet...he was much more constructive.) 
Introducing Wes' Neighborhood for Geckos!
Does your Gecko NEED a new neighborhood? Is the old neighborhood becoming seedy and rundown?Let Wes design and build a new one for you.
Lovely swimming pool is close by the homes...(homes are the red cups)
The Gecko Mart is mere steps away!
Every neighborhood needs a lookout. (Reminds me of "The Truman Show")
Even Geckos can't resist a bargain. (Yeah, that's 2 geckos. They do everything together.)
Leave a comment and Wes will get in touch with you about your specific needs. Be patient, he's in high demand right now. Must be the stimulus package; we're all feeling a bit more confident. not.

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  1. Hey Mary,
    This is your brother. I was wondering what happened to you but I guess you're doing this blog thing. I found you on Google....I did recall that you mentioned in one of your long ago e-mails that you had a blog. This looks like a good site and you're having fun with it. How's the Dog? Send me an e-mail.....