Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cubs and Cake

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet-what a group of fine looking young men. I think every imaginable emotion is being expressed. If I could put little thought bubbles over their heads, believe me, I would. 

Cake for Decorating Contest
This was a total team effort. The theme was "anything about the United States." Considering that was the theme, and it could actually be anything, there were a surprising number of red, white, and blue cakes. 

"Most Patriotic"
My, I mean our, cake was awesome. To win "most patriotic" is quite an honor. Eating it was quite an honor too. 

The best part of all: leftover frosting! And this is after spreading at least 2 inches of that frosting all over that beautiful cake. The only thing better than frosting on cake, is, well, frosting.

There should be a picture of Wes receiving his first Cub Scout Badge, the Bobcat, but we were with him and couldn't take a picture of ourselves. (I've got to figure out how to do that. Do I smell an invention, maybe?) After the fun times at the banquet and arriving home and praising Wes for his winning cake we find out he doesn't know what patriotic means. Once we told him,
 (after looking in the dictionary, because I found I could not really explain it very well),  I think his little chest puffed up a little bit with pride. 
Or he might have just been full of cake. But the frosting is all mine.

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