Friday, February 27, 2009

Poor Porky Pig

I'm worried about Kristen. 
This is a conversation we had last week:

Kristen: Mom, I just had the most exciting day!
Me: What was so exciting about it? Did it involve free food?
Kristen: My awesome teacher brought visual aids to class.
Me: What kind of visual aids?
Kristen: A pig's heart and lungs!
Me: (silence)
Kristen: It was so cool!!!! I got to hold the heart and the lungs. 
Me: This was exciting?
Kristen: yes yes yes! It was so cool; the dead pig parts looked more "real" because they were from the butcher and they hadn't been in formaldehyde like a cadaver would be.
Me: (gagging) Why would your teacher bring pig parts?
Kristen:  So we could see how things actually work!!! We intubated the lungs and cut the heart in half!!! You could feel the arteries and vessels!!!
Me: How would you rate this with all of your other nursing school experiences in the past two years on a scale of 1-10?
Kristen: an eight or nine!!!!

This is a girl who needs to graduate and rejoin the real world. Yeah, I'm concerned...

Am I over-reacting?


  1. EEEWWWWW!!!!! I agree with you she needs to get out more. Well at least she didn't ask her teacher if she could take the pig parts home for dinner.

  2. Excuse me! I am not weird! You're all just jealous!