Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is it time for Cubic Zirconium?

Multiple choice question:

What is missing in the above picture? 
a. a cubic zirconium
b. a lump of coal
c.  a wad of bubblegum
d. a diamond

If you answered quickly and correctly (d.) then you are a regular reader of this blog. Or you are just unusually intelligent. I know this because this is the best picture I could get of my ring with out the diamond. If you squinch your eyes up real tight and stare like crazy, you can see where the rock used to be.

You say chip; I say rock. It hadn't sunk in that it is truly gone until today, when I went shopping and I started clicking my left hand ring finger on the handle of the shopping cart and the click was gone. I never realized how much I like clicking my finger. Sometimes it's the little things we take for granted and miss the most. Like my little diamond. 


  1. Did you lose your diamond? Mary, I'm so sorry. I've thought about getting my ring set lower for a while now, because I'me always afraid I'll lose the diamond. Maybe I should think more seriously.