Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Part I of II parts

Valentine's Day-2009
Part I

I waited. I watched the clock. I paced. 
I told myself to be patient.
I watched people come and go.
(By people I mean; Kevin, Jake, Jessie, and Wes)
I waited for the phone to ring. 
When the phone did ring it was to tell me to 
wait some more.
I am good at waiting. It's kind of my job. I don't think anyone other than me in our family can
wait quite like me.
I waited through breakfast, lunch, and yes, my Valentine's Dinner.

This is what I waited for:
I've always thought there is just too much hype about Valentine's.
(I think it is the pink/red combo that gets under my skin)
But that was before the new dryer.
It is sweet. 


  1. I love your new dryer! I think it is so funny that we get excited about new appliances. Other women my think that there man needs to get them jewelry but as for me I would love to have a new dryer or front loader washer ooohhhh ya that would be so sweet!!!

  2. Yes how romantic...a dryer! lol do you need my lumber jack husband to hook it up for you? doesn't he look like the kinda guy with his beard to being doin that with a smokey smell and a butt crack showin? hahahaha