Friday, February 13, 2009

changing plans

This isn't a post pertaining to any significant event; just some Mary Ramblings. 

Today I had my list of things to do firmly set in the stone of my mind when my mojo began to crumble. I don't like my mojo being crumbled. It is a slippery, albeit rocky, slope. 

My first mistake was to change my routine and not run. I used the flimsy excuse that I didn't want to wake Jake: who's home for the weekend and whose bedroom is next to the "exercise" room. (too cold outside also ruled out running outside. I use that excuse frequently as well.)  As if I were ever that considerate. Bad choice, because running always makes my frown turn upside down. 

Things have gone out of kilter from that one choice. I don't know quite how it works; but if I change one thing in my routine everything from that point on suffers. 

My plan, (the set in stone one), was to go buy a dryer, pick up prescriptions, buy a birthday present for Wes's friend, and probably a couple of other random errands thrown into the mix.  
Yeah, well, as I am prepping myself for the day, I hear loud rambunctious banging on the front door but because I was not fully prepped I chose to ignore it. Then I hear the rambunctioness actually enter my home. It's some of Jake's friends (see, I could have exercised cause they woke up Jake). And while I love Jake's friends, they did contribute to the messing up of my mojo. Is it my fault that I hung out with Jake and his friends for an hour or so? 

I really did make a huge effort to get back on track though. I was getting my act together.  I even answered the phone and didn't let it distract me. I was on task. I was propelling forward. I was purposeful and ready to go. 

But the dryer is not the only thing that is broken. The Car. It is broke too. If I hate a broken dryer, I hate a broken car so much more. 

So I am now completely derailed. Once I have a plan it seems like I just can't get my groove back. I look around dazed and thinking what am I going to do now? It's not like there aren't a thousand things to do; I am just deflated. 

Here's what I did. I just gave up. I have been on facebook, reading random blogs, listening to the news, generally just wasting time. So I thought I'd waste some time here.  If you actually read this, then you wasted some time too. Misery loves company. 

*Do you realize how many random blogs there are? I could be derailed 24/7. I am definitely headed in that direction.

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