Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Part II of II

Valentine's Day-2009
Part II
Italian Food + Sweethearts Dance=Listerine


WHAT is Wes thinking? Something about chocolate milk?

So awkward, yet so


Oh, to be young, 
and in like, 
with several boys. 

Saturday Night (2/14) was Springville High's Sweethearts Dance. Jessie's date was Garrett. They went to dinner (Italian) in casual attire and returned to their separate homes to change into their fancy duds. They went to the dance, had their picture taken, and then scampered off to another location to watch a movie. I've been waiting for my chance to use the word scamper. Brilliant!

"These are the moments...
These are the times"


  1. wow that's so weird.
    love jessie

  2. I love Jessie's dress! She looks so beautiful! I'm glad you all had a great Valentine's Day! Love ya all!