Monday, February 9, 2009


It's a right of passage. Piano lessons. 

My own journey with piano began when I was 5 years old. I remember that I was very excited and I loved it and I caused a lot of grief for my parents and my piano teachers. Because, while I loved the piano, I, like most, did not like the part about practicing. And somehow teachers can tell when you haven't  practiced. I do recall that one teacher requested that I not be her student any longer. I was a stubborn, contrary girl. 

I must have picked up something because I still love the piano. And while I certainly never became a great pianist, I did learn enough to really enjoy what I could play. Playing the piano is a great stress reliever. Any time I would play as a teenager I would have a better day. I also had a crazy delusion that Donny Osmond was going to walk up to our door, hear me playing, and ask me to marry him on the spot. Plus be on his show. (And to think that some 30 years later I would be sitting next to Donny Osmond in a movie theater...if only I'd brought my piano, bad idea.) The best calling in the church is Primary Piano Player. Hands down. I have had that calling at the very least 10 years in total.

The three old ones, (Kristen, Jake and Jessie), all had their piano lessons from a wonderful woman named Marilyn. (Marilyn was the original "Darla" on the "Little Rascals" show. That is a long time ago, even for me.) She charged $5 a lesson and that was a real deal. (And it is also exactly as much as we could afford.) She was a great teacher; not a great motivator. She was just too darn nice. I'm not sure how K., J., &J., feel about piano. I will have to ask them. (I just now asked J. #2, and she says she wishes she could play the piano.) 

Wes began about 6 weeks ago and I am pretty sure the novelty has worn off. He is doing very well, passing off all the beginning songs as fast as a rabbit; but the realization that this is a skill to be learned and is not just handed to you is beginning to dawn. I know this is something Wes wants to do though because it is one of the few things he has to do that he isn't scheming for some way to be paid for for doing it. Lessons are now $15 each; but I think it will be worth it. He will succeed  because Wes is motivated, and his teacher is as well.

Writing this is making me want to pull out the Primary Songbook and play a few tunes. Yeah, I am that good. I wonder if Donny is out taking a walk tonight?

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  1. hello i'm a creepy girl and i'm compelled to talk to you! lol i remeber my old piano lesson days! I love and miss the piano. although i can't whip out the primary song book and play any song. that's impressive mary!

    p.s. david has a cardboard piano lesson set he took with him on his mission. he started learning piano about 4 months ago so tell Jesse it's never to late!